About Us

A little historical perspective: We are a 360degree agency where content and copy writing is concerned.

And for good reasons, too. When we set out our goals and objectives, we took a good, long look at the ad agency market place. We realized that the agency business has evolved – over decades’ agencies have metamorphosed from just a space selling entity to huge behemoths, giving clients access to every kind of specialist service. Then the scenario changed.

Cut throat competition in the media buying field, escalating costs of personnel, new media explosion, the tsunami of the Internet, the inadequacies of the 15% agency commission and clients playing agencies off against each other – all meant agencies’ departments were being broken up into specialist, stand-alone units. Plus, agencies and other independent units offering specialized services were being scooped up by worldwide conglomerates (WPP, Publicis Groupe).

This brought everyone under one umbrella and general purpose agencies and specialist units started merging again but the various departments (including creative) remained as stand-alone profit centers; the only department that remained a cost center was servicing or client handling.

These stand-alone units were smaller, tighter, more streamlined and focused, with each one concentrating on its own area of specialization – in other words, each one became a lean, mean fighting machine.

Which is exactly what we are at Content Planet. And hence our name: “Content” for words that move the end user into taking action; “Planet” for our reach and ability to be able to do this around the globe.

A team of highly experienced copywriters, content writers, and bloggers

Our roster of accomplished team players excel at copy, content and blogging. All of them experienced writers, with the skills and expertise that is required to write for the web and print. We offer our clients everything, and everyone, they need for populating their web sites with content that grips the reader, conveys messages accurately and effectively, convincing and moving the consumer with relevant information.

One can argue, ad infinitum, about the importance of copy and content. Who hasn’t heard that old line: No one reads copy! We believe that is complete nonsense. A picture may (or may not!) speak a 1000 words, but without compelling words to back it up, it’s just another piece of artwork. To be looked at, admired and then put away somewhere in your memory banks. Unless it’s the Mona Lisa but then does this famous picture convey any message? It does not. But our content, copy and blogs do.

Our work is just a part of the ad puzzle but it is the most important one: In fact, content is the most critical piece, we believe. Is it any wonder that advertising agencies of various types and stripes outsource their writing work to us? We have proven, time and again, that our team of outstanding writers produce appropriate, meaningful and vivid content that is relevant to your business and activities.