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Creative concepts for integrated marketing communications

The American Association of Advertising Agencies defines Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) as “…recognizes the value of a comprehensive plan that evaluates the strategic roles of a variety of communication disciplines, purchase advertising, symptoms  public relations, personal selling, and sales promotion and combines them to provide clarity, consistency, and maximum communication impact.

Our creative team brings all of its experience to bear in creating concepts for integrated marketing campaigns that use a variety of promotional methods to bring your brand to the forefront in a highly competitive market. They seamlessly integrate path breaking creatives with your marketing strategies in order to enrich your customer’s interaction with your brand. Ensuring communication and messaging strategies that are customer-centric and synergistic across all channels.

Scripts for corporate events

Contrary to popular belief, events do require scripts. We realize that being spontaneous and ad-libbing one’s way through an event does not serve the purpose of making an event successful. Hence, we create and fine tune scripts for corporate events down to the last nuance. Thereby providing structure and direction; a clearly defined message; clarity and consolidation of research; and compilation of real life instances and anecdotes to enrich the presentation. We aim at creating scripts that are relevant to the occasion and ensure a captive audience.

Scripts for video and audio ads

We’re in the business of writing to sell – your product, your brand. And nowhere are these words more powerful than in the video and audio formats. We understand the complexities of each medium and what works. We focus on your target group, who they are, how they think, what they like and what makes them tick. We then create effective messaging using imagery through visuals and sounds.

Our scripts are designed to support your marketing strategies and incorporate the latest concepts in visual and sound technology. Thereby adding new dimensions to your advertising communications. Making it more relevant, convincing and meaningful to your consumer.

PR texts

PR or Public Relations manages the dissemination of information between an organization or individual and the public. It is different from advertising and marketing in that it conveys information of interest to the public, usually through the media, and often for free. Our P.R teams understand the importance of the most vital public relations tool i.e. publicity. And how to reach out to our client’s stakeholders.

Our writers are experienced in writing for the entire spectrum of media platforms. From news releases to speeches; from internal communications to brand awareness; from articles to newsletters; and from blogs to press kits, to name a few. Always creating consistent, effective messaging to disseminate across different channels. With a deep understanding of our client’s needs, the media and the public.

Manuals and tech descriptions

Technical writing today is a highly specialized skill and addresses all forms of technical communication across different industries, be it electrical, electronics, medical, scientific or IT, among others. Our writers have the capability of covering the entire gamut of technical communications such as instruction manuals, technical specifications, product descriptions, medical transcriptions, and more. They are qualified and experienced, with the knowledge and understanding of all things technical.

Book reviews

Our writers have a strong background in language and literature, coupled with a love for reading, and are eminently qualified to write book reviews. They write objective and impartial reviews, keeping in mind the authors style of writing; the book’s genre; the development of the plot; and its relevance to the target group.


Our proofreading services are carried out by experts who sift through every piece of communication that crosses their paths, with an eagle eye. They ensure every ‘I’ is dotted and every ‘T’ is crossed when they peruse a wide variety of written communications, including contracts, corporate brochures, leaflets, and any other ad materials for print. With an excellent eye for detail, they prove their proofreading skills are par excellence – time and again.